Students queue for food at the dining hall

The Riverview Dining Hall located in St. Croix Hall provides fresh and nutritious meals for the WCCC campus community.  It is open and available for both residential and commuter students, as well as for faculty and staff.  You can try many different options in the dining hall from self-serve buffet style entree’s to daily soup and salad bar options, all for one consistent cost for each meal.

2023-2024 Meal Hours


Breakfast: 7:30am-9:30am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 4pm-7pm

Saturday & Sunday

Pre-order bagged lunches and/or frozen meals available.  Order with dining hall staff before noon on Friday for pick-up Friday evenings.


2023-2024 Meal Plan & Cost Information

Several declining balance campus meal plans are available to both Residential and Commuter Students.  All student meal plans consist of a declining balance that can be used to swipe into the dining hall for each meal.

Each student that lives in campus housing is enrolled in a mandatory 5 meals a week Resident Meal Plan and their student account is charged accordingly.  Residential students can choose to upgrade their meal plan from the basic mandatory 5-day resident meal plan to another declining balance meal plan option by completing the Meal Plan Application Form and submitting to the business office.

Commuter students can purchase any of the declining balance meal plan options through cash or card payment or with financial aid funds, provided that the student’s financial aid funds exceed the student’s tuition, and fee charges. A Meal Plan Application Form must be filled out and verified by the Student Accounts Office Staff before you can use financial aid to purchase a meal plan.

The costs in the table below are based on each 16-week semester.

Mandatory Resident Student Meal Plan

Basic Meal Plan: Pick One Meal Each Day


Semester Charge: $886.00


5 meals each week

$11.08 each swipe into the dining hall

Pick 2 Meal Plan: Pick Any 2-Meals Each Day


Semester Charge: $1,918.08


2 meals each day Monday-Friday

Brunch on Saturday and Sunday

$9.99 each swipe into the dining hall

Basic Meal Plan: Pick Any 3-Meals Each Day


Semester Charge: $2,445.28


3 meals each day Monday-Friday

Brunch on Saturday and Sunday

$8.99 each swipe into the dining hall

Faculty and staff can purchase any meal in the dining hall for $12.99.  Cash and debit/credit cards are accepted.