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The Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research serves as the foundation of WCCC’s commitment to educational distinction, with its primary responsibility encompassing institutional research, organizational compliance, and adherence to accreditation standards and regulatory requirements. This office is dedicated to developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive institutional planning and evaluation program focused on continuous improvement, organizational efficiency, and institutional success. Through a robust system of data gathering, analysis, and transparency, it plays a pivotal role in supporting WCCC’s mission and ensuring data-informed decision-making for the benefit of our students, institution, and community. For data inquiries, please contact: Laurie Whiston Director of Institutional Effectiveness (207) 454-1102 or

Program Reviews

WCCC places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence through self-evaluation and assessment. The program review process serves several important objectives such as enhancing education and quality within our institution, ensuring our graduates obtain the occupational and academic skills that meet the requirements of their respective fields and creating an educational experience that inspires and supports lifelong learning. To achieve these objectives, the Board of Trustees of the Maine Community College System retains the authority to review all academic programs offered by our college. WCCC is responsible for conducting evaluations of our academic programs every five years. These evaluations are then reported to the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees. However, in cases where academic programs are accredited by national authorities and have undergone evaluations through site visits or reports by these accrediting bodies, colleges are only required to inform the committee of the evaluations conducted by such authorities. Each Program Review Report is presented to the Board of Trustees of the Maine Community College System and serves as a vital tool to keep the governing board informed about the outcomes of the review process for academic programs offered by WCCC. The Program Review Report includes essential components such as a concise program description, program data, information about program outcomes, an assessment of program strengths and challenges, and a roadmap outlining planned steps for continuous improvement. Through this comprehensive evaluation process, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of education and service for our students and the communities we serve.

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