Welding Technology Program

Certificate Program – Welding Technology (36 Credit Hours)

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Purpose: Instruction focuses on training students to produce acceptable, sound welds in all positions in oxyacetylene and electric arc welding and to select the correct filler rod to fit the job and the metal being welded. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for the American Welding Society (AWS) structural stick welding certification; the AWS flux core MIG structural certification, and the State of Maine pipe certification. This qualifies graduates for employment as AWS certified welding operators in the construction, shipbuilding, fabricating, and metal and maintenance fields. Students will also be qualified to TIG weld stainless and carbon steel pipe.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the welding technology program may find employment in shipbuilding, fabrication, construction, mechanical and maintenance industries.

Program Education Outcomes: Upon completion of the certificate curriculum in the Welding Technology program, the graduate is prepared to: 

  1. Identify and practice safety procedures in the working environment. 
  2. Identify welding methods, tools and equipment. 
  3. Identify ferrous and non-ferrous material and chose correct filter rod to fit the job and the metal being welded. 
  4. Produce and test the quality of acceptable, sound welds in all positions in electric arc welding in preparation for the American Welding Society structural certification and State of Maine pipe certification. 
  5. Produce TIG weld on stainless and carbon still pipe. 
  6. Perform pipe fitting techniques by producing a fit-up and tack preparation for open root GTAW welding and SMAW 7018 filler and cap. 

For Specific Program Information:

Scott Wheelock
Welding Technology Instructor