Transfer to WCCC

If you have already earned some college credit and would like to transfer those credits to WCCC, please contact the admissions office to discuss your situation.

In general, students are able to transfer credits to WCCC if:

•  The credits have been earned within the past ten years
•  The credits were earned with a grade of “C” or better
•  The courses are judged by WCCC to be equivalent in nature and content to WCCC’s course offerings.

In order for WCCC to review a transfer request, students must submit the following:

•  an official copy of each college transcript
•  a copy of the course catalogue from the college granting the credit (if the college is not located in Maine)

WCCC will provide transfer candidates with an estimate regarding credit transfer at the time of admission. An official evaluation will follow after updated transcripts have arrived at Student Records and been appraised by the appropriate departments.

A couple of notes:

•  Transferred course grades will appear on the WCCC transcript but will not be used in computing the student’s WCCC grade point average.
•  In order to receive a diploma, certificate, or degree from WCCC, a student must earn a minimum of 25 percent of his or her credits at WCCC and these credits must be earned within five years of the date of application for graduation.
•  A student may appeal a credit transfer decision, in writing, to the academic dean.

WCCC students interested in transferring from WCCC to another college or university will find additional information at Beyond WCCC/Transferring.