Student Advocacy & Resource Center

The Student Advocacy & Resource Center is located off the cafeteria in Riverview Hall. Please be watching for announcements outside the center and via your student email for activities that will contribute to your health and well-being.  You can find the Student Navigator located in the center. The center also houses a meeting space where students may privately meet with off-campus service providers.

The mission of the Student Advocacy & Resource Center is to demonstrate respect and care for each student as we endeavor to deeply understand their needs and work tirelessly to help remove barriers to critical basic-needs resources using holistic assessment and case management as a best practice.  This mission ties directly into the student affairs pillars and the college mission. 

In order to accomplish the mission of the SARC, the Student Navigator will use the CARES model to improve the student experience on campus.  The CARES model includes building strong Community partnerships with local community service agencies to reduce external barriers to student success (e.g. SNAP, WIC, TANF, housing, transportation assistance, temporary housing, unemployment insurance, pop-up clinics); Advocating for students and their multifaceted needs with faculty, staff, and community entities; creating learning opportunities that increase student Resiliency; creating programs that Engage students in their communities; and ensure student Success through the achievement of individual, education, and career goals.

Request for Emergency Funding to Remain Enrolled

2021-2022 SOS Emergency Fund Request

To be considered eligible for emergency aid, a student must: • Be currently enrolled; • Be in good standing; and • Demonstrate financial hardship due to an emergency situation or unanticipated and compelling circumstances that jeopardizes their ability to be successful in school. Expenses that fall within the scope of these emergency grants include, but are not limited to: • Health Care • Food Insecurity • Dependent Care • Housing • Transportation. Students must provide documentation to support request. Examples of documentation: disconnect notices, repair estimates, etc.

Meet Your Student Navigator, Bernadette Farrar:

Bernadette can help connect you to emergency funds which can be used to assist students with utility bills, car repairs, etc. for circumstances in which students have no other resources and a situation that is going to prevent them from attending school. She can provide an empathetic ear to help you work towards solutions for academic and real-life issues; think of her as a sounding board and resource broker.  Bernadette is here to help you remove barriers that may be preventing you from being successful in school by connecting you with both on and off campus resources.