Health Occupations

Certificate – 30-31 credit hours

Program Information & Course List

Purpose: The Health Occupations Certificate is designed as a preparation program for students wishing to enter occupations in health careers at a Maine Community College campus, a University of Maine campus, or Maine private college health program.  The program is structured to encourage career exploration and provide guidance to students of opportunities as they prepare to apply to their chosen health degree program.

Career Opportunities: Successful completion of the program qualifies graduates to transfer into a two or four-year health degree program. Transfer programs could lead to a career in nursing, medical assisting, physical therapy, phlebotomy, respiration therapy, health information management, or radiology. 

Program Educational Outcomes: Upon completion of the Certificate in Health Occupations, the graduate is prepared to: 

  1. Form and test scientific hypothesis, evaluate empirical evidence, and reflect upon and learn from mistakes. 
  2. Employ clear, concise, and consistent written and verbal communication skills and practice active listening techniques. 
  3. Locate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. 
  4. Read with comprehension and critically analyze arguments. 
  5. Calculate, analyze, and communicate conclusions using both qualitative and quantitative data. 
  6. Synthesize and evaluate meaning based upon philosophical, literary, or multidisciplinary perspectives. 
  7. Identify and evaluate ethical concerns from a theoretical, professional and/or cultural perspective.

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