Accessibility Services Office

WCCC is committed to assisting qualified students with disabilities to achieve their individual goals. Upon request and official documentation from a relevantly licensed professional, WCCC grants qualified students reasonable accommodations to provide them equal opportunity for success within a collegiate setting. Students requesting reasonable accommodations must contact:

Linda Shattuck,  Student Success Coordinator
(207) 454-1093


(207) 454-1064

Students who wish to be considered for academic accommodations must:

  • Provide the Student Success Coordinator with recent copies of their disability documentation from a qualified professional.
  • Make an appointment with the Student Success Coordinator to discuss their documentation, accommodations, and program scheduling as soon as possible, preferably, before the first or second week of the semester.

Once a student has contacted the WCCC Student Success Coordinator, the Coordinator will:

  • Review disability documentation.
  • Determine appropriate accommodations with the student.
  • Write eligibility memos for students to share with appropriate faculty.
  • Assist students with accommodation implementation.

In addition, when requested by a student, the Student Success Coordinator will:

  • Meet with student and faculty/staff to resolve issues regarding accommodations.
  • Follow up with student and instructors to evaluate the success of accommodations.
  • Set up meetings with third parties and off campus agencies as needed.
  • Assist with appropriate program scheduling.
  • Make referrals to campus personnel or agencies as needed.

WCCC is committed to the following principles of ACCESS

A – Accessibility

Faculty members play a major role in making their classrooms accessible to all students.

C – Communication

It is imperative that students with disabilities, faculty members, and the Accessibility Specialist communicate on a regular basis.

C – Confidentiality

Accessibility Services, all instructors and WCCC personal, must respect student confidentiality.

E – Eligibility for Accommodations

Accessibility Services is the office designated to determine eligibility for federally mandated accommodations and services.

S – Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to secure necessary services.

S – Support

Both faculty and Accessibility Services work together to support students in their legal right to access an education.

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (CRF 34 Part 104), Title II of the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, (S.3406) and 2010 (CRF Parts 35 and 36), WCCC is committed to assisting qualified students with disabilities to achieve their individual goals.