Family Futures Downeast

A Two-Generation Opportunity for Parents and Children

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16 credit hours


The Family Futures Downeast program uses a two-generation approach that supports parents in finding pathways out of poverty through education and access to meaningful careers while also supporting school readiness and healthy development for their children. In recognition of the many potential barriers that families in poverty face, FFD coaches will work with each family to ensure those barriers are overcome.

While parents attend evening classes, their children simultaneously engage in safe, effective learning environments in Head Start centers located on campus. There is no cost for childcare to families enrolled in FFD. To be eligible for the program, at least one child in the family must be under 8 years old.

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The Aspen Institute, Ascend, 2016

Educational Outcomes:

  • Enrolled parents will receive no-cost college credits that fulfill many of the core requirements for achieving a college degree or trade of their choosing. While part of FFD, parents will be considered part of the Liberal Studies program.
  • Following Work Ready and career pathways programming, parents will be introduced to internship and employment opportunities in high wage, high growth local jobs.
  • Children will receive age-appropriate, supportive, engaging programming that prepares them for an academic learning environment.

To Apply:

Every year, up to sixteen parents and their families will be accepted to participate in FFD at WCCC. To apply, please contact Marsha Sloan, at or at 255-0983.

For More Information:

Visit the Family Futures Downeast Official Website

FFD is a joint collaboration of several organizations, one of which is the Community Caring Collaborative. Visit their website here.

To learn more about the Two-Generation Approach, visit Ascend at the Aspen Institute.