Production Technician (Available Fully Online)

Certificate – 33 credit hours
Associate in Applied Science – 61 credit hours

Program Information & Course List

Purpose: Manufacturing and production-based businesses are coming back to the United States. The Production Technician degree will prepare students for all basic entry level positions in any manufacturing/production environment. Well-educated, professionally curious production technicians are needed in all aspects of industry to operate and maintain the equipment that makes the products needed around the world.

Career Opportunities: Career opportunities include production employees in agriculture, boat building, paper making, bottling plants, condiment plants and other production/manufacturing facilities. This level of education exposes student’s electrical, mechanical, ethical reasoning, and provides opportunities to explore welding, drafting, and statistics. Focus areas include production and operations, planning and expediting, and machine operators. Some graduates may move into computer-controlled machine tool operations (CNC) and the metals and plastics industries.

Program Educational Outcomes: Upon completion of this degree, the graduate is prepared to understand basic chemical processes used in production processes, communicate effectively orally and in writing, use computers in a business setting, perform first line supervision, and understand quality, maintenance, and processing techniques. Graduates will also be prepared to sit for the Certified Production Technician (CPT) industry credential exam from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC).


Production Technician Contact

Earl Hill
Production Technician Instructor